“Compassion is not something you feel. It is something you do.”

Chögyam Trungpa, Buddhist meditations master


Our Methods

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Process analysis + communications design + technical production + quality assurance

Boojum's methods are process-driven, and we constantly define and refine core processes in order to maximise efficiency and quality. We use methods that are clear, and expressed in non-technical language so everyone knows what's going on. Here's a pictorial overview of our processes (pdf 131KB).


First we must agree on what is to be achieved and by what means and for whom. An important part of this agreement process is that we need to learn about your organisation, its people, its processes and its goals. Even if you have brought us in to solve a specific problem, we can work more effectively on your behalf if we have a larger view that enables us to align ourselves with other systems and opportunities. This larger view usually means that we can design solutions for the long term, rather than temporary fixes.


Through the design process we imagine the way to achieve the desired result; and we present our ideas as mock ups and images. A critical part of the Imagine phase is for us to engage with the various stakeholders and audiences in order to gather ideas, and refine and test assumptions.


When it comes to making software, the key is to know what to build and what to get off-the-shelf. Competitive advantage resides in assembling the right mixture of elements; understanding where to leverage existing resources, and where to invest in unique features.


The Sustain part of the project looks at the process of keeping it alive and healthy beyond the project phase. Projects tend to have an impetus that gets them over the line, but it is important to work out how the solution will become part of the organisation's ecology, rather than a temporary burst of energy.