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You can apply for Medley Hall now through the Melbourne University College Admissions system, using the links below. Applications for 2016 will close on 31st December 2016.

Medley Hall is a secular college within the University of Melbourne. It provides fifty-seven students with an opportunity to enjoy and contribute to an inclusive, supportive community which emphasizes the worth of individuals rather than any corporate identity.

The college encourages students to make the best use of the opportunities provided by their university rather than attempt to create a parallel program competing for their time and attention.

Our community values altruism and therefore encourages every student to find ways of supporting the endeavors of others both within the Hall and the wider world. Consistent with this encouragement is Medley’s concern to foster environmental awareness and the practice of sustainable living, both necessary for developing and continuing the well being of communities throughout the world.

Medley students share their talents. Music making, public speaking and the organization of student activities enrich the life of the College. Respect for others is demonstrated by students creating a place where individuals take responsibility for the good order of their environment and where academic work can flourish.

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