Great food

About this page

Medley Hall takes pride in its food, cooked on the premises from the best and freshest ingredients.

The food provided at Medley Hall is of the highest quality. All meals are provided each day during the semester seven days a  week and are served in the Dining Hall.

Apart from delicious and sustaining, we aim for the food to be sustainable and we try to achieve a more ethical approach to eating. The meat options are  made with meat from Victorian farmers who employ environmentally-friendly farming practices. All eggs and chicken come from free range birds. Wherever possible, vegetable and fruits  are locally sourced.

Both meat and vegetarian options are offered, but from 2015 vegetarian food has been served prodominately as the main meal 5 days a week. Residents do not have to elect to be omnivores or vegetarians but select according to daily preference.

Residents are always invited to give feedback and make requests.

The kitchen caters for vegan, halal, gluten-free and specific allergy diets if required.