Friendship and support

About this page

If you live at Medley Hall you will be in the midst of a supportive network of people. Some of these people will become your life-long friends, and together you will experience and learn from defining moments. The most important aspect of life at Medley is the feeling of being part of a close group of peers. Medley has been described (among many other things) as a very large share-house full of friends with someone doing great cooking and no fighting about whose turn it is to clean the bathroom.

Resident Tutors

The Resident Tutors are either graduates or postgraduate students of the University. Their role encompasses pastoral and academic care of undergraduate students as well facilitating Medley Hall programs and initiatives.

Academic support

College tutorials are held within Medley Hall when there are four or more students undertaking a particular subject; this means that very popular or core first year subjects are those most likely to be covered. Students are otherwise encouraged to attend tutorials through the Intercollegiate Tutorial Program. One-on-one consultations are are also available as is help with study programs and essay writing skills.

Transition to tertiary study involves negotiating a complex bureaucracy and learning the skills that are required for independent living and learning. Medley’s administrative and tutorial staff is available to students for general advice and help with specific academic tasks.

Intercollegiate Tutorial Program

Medley Hall students may attend tutorials offered by the other Colleges of the University of Melbourne free of any charge. Each semester tutorials in over two hundred subjects are offered by the Colleges.

Environmental Sustainability

At Medley Hall we have taken up the challenge of contributing to a sustainable world. We want ours to be a community concerned about the environment, and capable of initiating environmental and social projects.  At the moment we have a worm farm, honey bees on the roof, a recycling program, sustainable food choices and a residence full of environmentally conscious students.  We are always looking for people and different ways to contriubute to a sustainable community.


All the eggs used in the Medley kitchen are from free range hens and all chicken served is also free range. Meat is sourced from local producers using sustainable farming methods. From 2015 five times a week, in the interests of the environment,  meals will be vegetarian. Food waste is minimised. Our aim is to use local produce wherever possible.


Recycling bins for metals, plastics and other recyclables are available in the garbage room and students are encouraged to recycle.


All chemicals used for cleaning are non-toxic and biodegradable. Residents are encouraged to choose environmentally friendly laundry products and to line-dry their washing on the roof-top (enjoying the wonderful view of the city while they hang it out).

The Medley Buildings and Utilities

The 2009-2011 renovations of Medley Hall provided the opportunity for including design features that maximize the efficient use of power and water. Rain water is captured and recycled for use as grey water within the College. Lighting is on movement-sensitive time switches to limit unnecessary use.The Parrot Atrium is heated and cooled by air moving through an underground rock labyrinth and by light sensitive louvres, thus eliminating the need for air-conditioning. Student rooms are double glazed.

Student Activities


If there is enough interest, a choir is established at the beginning of each year for all interested students.  Performances are arranged at formal dinners and other College events throughout the year.  Musicians are also encouraged to perform on special occassions as well.

Recital Series

Each year a series of music recitals " A Medley of Friends" is held to celebrate life in Medley Hall. Performances, which are open to the public and held in Benvenuta, are by young professional musicians and cover a varied repertoire.


Students are encouraged to join the various sporting clubs of the University.  Discounted Melbourne University Sport  fitness memberships which includes access to the gym, the 25 meter indoor heated pool and extensive group fitness program will be available from 2015.

Formal dinners

Formal dinners are held two or three times a semester. The evenings begin with a performance by Medley musicians instrumentalist or singer and often there will be a guest speaker to address the College and engage in discussion.

Medley Hall has four special formal College occasions every year: a Commencement Dinners marks the start of each semester, the International Farewell is held at the end of Semester One and the Valedictory Dinner farewells those leaving at the end of the year.

Academic gowns are not worn to any dinners at Medley.

The Medley Ball

An annual event, organized by The Student Club. for the whole College and friends and preceded by the College photograph which is taken in the Common  Room.