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Medley Hall is a secular college, owned and run by the University of Melbourne. It provides fifty-seven students with an opportunity to enjoy and contribute to an inclusive, supportive community, which emphasizes individual rather than institutional identity. We believe such a community is best placed to support the development of critical thinking which is not only at the core of the education offered by the University of Melbourne but also central to the future well being of both individuals and communities.

Our College values altruism and therefore hopes that every student will find ways of supporting the endeavours of others within Medley and the wider world. Consistent with this is our concern to foster environmental awareness and the practices of sustainable living that are necessary for the continuing well being of societies throughout the world.

Medley students share their talents. Music making, public speaking, sporting and social activities are organized by students and tutors.The College also actively encourages and supports residents to make the best use of the many opportunities, both academic and non-academic, provided by the University.

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