About this page


  Phillippa Connelly has been Principal of Medley Hall since 2004. She is a graduate in Social   

  Work from the University of Melbourne who worked and lectured in that field for many years.  

  Her focus at Medley is on suppporting the transition to independent living and tertiary study

  that students must make in their first years at the University. She has a long -held

  committment to equity issues and to making college residence accessible to the widest

  possible group.


Business Manager


  Effie Maniatis became Business Manager in 2002. She has a vast knowledge of the workings

  of Medley Hall and the University and is the resource person for residents, staff and guests.


Administration Officer


  Debbie Horvath joined us in March 2013.  She has been a teacher and former employee of the

  University and is equipped with the resources to assist students in their transition to University



Resident Tutors

Our Resident Tutors: Alex Connelly,  Claire Corbett. Lachlan McLeod, Jack Swann and Sara Tajima are

employed to provide academic and pastoral care for students. They are all residents of Medley Hall and share in  the

community life of the College.



  Alex  has a Bachelor of Social Work from RMIT and has worked in many different placements

  including the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre.  He lives at Medley Hall with his wife Sarah Tomilson.











Sara and Lachlan are graduates of The University of Melbourne.  Sara was a student resident at Medley  in 2007

and later returned with her now husband Lachlan as Resident Tutors in 2012. They pursued their goals in Japan for a

couple of years and returned to Medley in 2015.











Jack has a Bachelor of Music in Classical Voice from the University of Tasmania, a Masters in  Musical Theatre from

the University of Ballarat and is now furthering his study of Architecture at the University of Melbourne.


Alex is a graduate of the University of Melbourne where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts.  He also has a Bachelor of

Philosophy through the University of Lateran.  Alex is an ex-resident of Whitley College and enjoys contributing to the best

possible college experience for students.