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How long is the walk to the university?

The walk from Medley to the University takes ten to fifteen minutes, depending on the length of your legs and your particular destination within the University. 

Is there a curfew?

No. You come and go as you please.

Can I invite friends for meals?

We welcome guests to our dining hall but all guests must be signed in.

Can friends stay overnight?

You may have a friend to stay in your room for one night. Longer stays must be arranged through the College Office.

Is there a student car park at Medley Hall?

There is secure parking for bicycles but not cars.

Can I smoke in my room?

Smoking is not allowed inside any building of Medley Hall nor within 6 metres of the perimeter. In practise this means smoking on the median strip in Drummond St. All rooms are fitted with smoke detectors wired to the central fire alarm. As part of our commitment to social and environmental sustainability we are very keen to assist smokers to quit and offer support to anyone attempting to do this.

What happens if I set off the fire alarm?

If the fire alarm is activated by smoking or other negligent behaviour the Fire Brigade charges the College and the cost is passed on to the person responsible.

Does Medley Hall offer tutorials?

Medley offers tutorials in a small number of subjects where there is sufficient Medley enrolments to warrant doing so and Medley students may participate in the large number of tutorials offered by other colleges without cost to themselves. Tutors are also available to give general academic support. 

How big are the rooms?

All rooms are big enough for a bed, desk, chair, cupboard and a few friends.

What are the rooms like?

Recently refurbished, the rooms have long single beds with high-quality spring mattresses. Desk, bookshelves, study lighting and  built-in wardrobes. Rooms are heated hydronically. There is no air-conditioning but the windows are double-glazed and are designed to provide excellent ventilation. The floors are polished concrete and therefore easy to clean and cool in summer; some students choose to bring their own rug.

What should I bring to Medley Hall?

In addition to personal belongings you will need bed linen, quilt or blankets and towels. If you are coming from overseas, you need only bring bed linen and towels. For environmental and safety reasons students are asked to limit the number of electrical appliances they bring to College.

Am I allowed a refrigerator in my room?

For environmental reasons, students are not allowed fridges in their rooms. There are fridges available in the kitchenettes on each student floor.

Do I need kitchen equipment?

No. Electric kettles, toasters, crockery and cutlery are available in the student kitchenettes.

Are there any telephones in the rooms?

There are no fixed line telephones in student rooms.

Is there an internet point in the room?

Yes; there is internet access throughout the College. There are also photocopying and printing facilities available to students.

Do I have to share a room?

No. All rooms are single study bedrooms.

How many bathrooms are there?

There are 5 self contained bathrooms (shower, basin and toilet) on each level and none are more than 15 metres from any room at Medley Hall. Bathrooms are cleaned daily.

Do I have to move out during the year?

From 2017 your fees cover the 39 weeks of the academic year.  This includes the mid-year semester break. To stay in residence beyond November of each year, the cost is $50 per night.